Uplifting Things to Say in A Funeral

Attending a funeral of your friend’s departed loved one, although a bit awkward and uncomfortable, is much better than not being there to extend your sympathies at all.

The family of the departed would understand if you keep your words short or if you can’t hide the awkwardness while you talk to them. They wouldn’t mind that. After all they have a lot of people to talk to – those who also want to extend their sympathies to the family.

When you’ve lost someone so dear to you, the last thing you’ll think about is the reaction of those who attended the funeral. You’ll just feel glad that they spent some time to sympathize with you.

So instead of avoiding a funeral, set aside your worries and muster the courage to comfort your bereaved friend. Here are some tips on what to say in your conversations with the bereaved.


Express that You’re Sorry for their Loss

A very simple message that you’re sorry for the loss of the bereaved family is enough for to make a conversation with them. Just like we said earlier, keep it short. Say simple statements like, “I am sorry for your loss. I’m just here should you need anything.” That, plus a hug and a sincere look in the eye, and you’ll see a smile of gratitude from your bereaved friend.


Words of Praises for the Departed

If you’re that close to the family of the departed, conversations may take a little bit longer. A simple, “I’m sorry for your loss,” may not be sufficient with the level of friendship you’ve developed with them. We understand though that unlike all other ordinary conversations you’ve had with the family,  this one’s different and you’ll feel lost for words to say.

A good thing to mention in your conversations with the bereaved family is how much dear the departed is to you and to those who know him. If it would seem to brighten up the conversation, remember the times he or she was able to help you. The good times you shared with the departed. Main point is, tell the bereaved family how much the departed meant to you and to those who love him or her.


Promise of Companionship when Times Get Tough

When all the good memories of the departed has lightened up the mood or brought smiles or tears of joy to the family, give them an assurance that you will be there for them should they need anything. This will somehow make them secured and comforted knowing that there are people like you who will watch over them and carry them through these tough times.

A simple message telling your bereaved friend, “You can call me anytime you want to talk to someone,” or that “I’ll make myself available should you want to meet,” is just comforting and heartwarming and will truly be appreciated. What’s great about this statement is that no matter the level of closeness you have with the family, it’s okay to say this.


The toughest time for the bereaved family is the after-funeral period. This is the season when they really need the presence of those who care for them. If you think it is fitting for the situation and your friend is that close to you that he or she will listen to your advice, you can even engage a Singapore funeral services company to provide grief counseling to the bereaved. Grief counseling has greatly helped those who are too hurt and devastated by the passing of a loved one.

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