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Posted by artnowonline on 19/04/2018
Category: Moving On
Moving on
Attending a funeral of your friend’s departed loved one, although a bit awkward and uncomfortable, is much better than not being there to extend your sympathies at all. The family of the departed would understand if you keep your words short or if you can’t hide the awkwardness while you talk to them. They wouldn’t mind that. After all they have a lot of people to talk to – those who also want to extend
A married adult will see his or her spouse as the most important person in one’s life. This specific person loves you unconditionally, serves as a foundation of your family, and is your partner is everything you do. That’s why when a spouse passes away, it’s marked by a great amount of sadness and regret. The loss of this person to your life affects everything you do and your life won’t be the same afterwards.