Jorge  Labarca van Rysselberghe (Chile)

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Jorge Labarca


Born in Santiago de Chile in 1931; Architect given unanimous distinction 1956, developped his works in Concepcion for 24 years,designed and builded over 100.000 m2 ., and then a full-time painter and sculptor until today .-In 1984 given the Concepción Artist Municipal award.

Individual Expositions

1982.-Sala exposiciones Municipalidad de Concepción.

1983.-Instituto Chileno Norteamericano de Cultura, Concepción.

1984.-Fundación de la Cultura, Santiago.

1984-Pinacoteca de la Universidad de Concepción.

1985.-Sala Universitaria, Universidad de Concepción.

1986.-Sala exposiciones Municipalidad de Concepción.

1986.-Galería Fundación, Santiago.

1987.-Instituto Chileno Norteamaricano de Cultura, Concepción.

1988.-Instituto Cultural de Providencia,Santiago.

1989.-Sala exposiciones Municipalidad de Concepción.

1990.-Sala Universitaria de Concepción, pintura y escultura.

1991.-Sala Colegio Médico de Concepción, Pintura y Escultura.

1992.-Instituto Chileno Norteamericano de Cultura, pintura y escultura.

1992.-Sala Exposiciones Municipalidad de Los Angeles, pintura y escultura.

1994.-Sala Universitaria de Concepción.

1995.-Sala Intendencia de Concepción, pintura y escultura.

1996.-Instituto Chileno Norteamericano de Cultura, Concepción.

1997.-Galería Montecatini, Concepción.

1997.-Sala Intendencia de Concepción.

1998.-Sala Universitaria de Concepción.

1999.-Sala Exposiciones Municipalidad de Concepción.

2000.-Pinacoteca de la Casa del Arte, Universidad de Concepción.

2001.-Sala Exposiciones Municipalidad de Concepción.

2003.-Casa del Arte, Escuela de Verano, Universidad de Concepción.

2003.-Instituto Chileno Norteamericano de Cultura,Concepción.

2003.-Teatro Pencopolitano, Sala A.París, Concepción.

2003-2006.-Úna muestra mensual en Galería de los Ocho, Concepción


There are people who are provoqued by the outside world and its problematic, and there are others who's artistic experience is forged in his interior, invisible. This is abstaction's field.

Abstaction is spirituality and sentiment. In these painting all is subtle or violent or harmonious, and as recognized figure has been suppressed, means are limited to colour,tecnique, and the plastic conception of the work. Here,nothing is apolineus-perfect,but dionisíac-sensual-gay-important.

Colour, released from his worldly association,selfgoverned-with independant life, is seen triunphant, dialogueant, joined-alone,aggresive-gentle,happy-sad....provocative....discouraged, furious-conciliator. Here de spirituality is not of a religious type

but consists in the development of the interior garden that exists in us,taking care while it grows and enrichens. This exceptional garden feeds whith our lived emotions and others assimilated from the work of some artists of wealthy spirit. I belive that an abstract painting is nothing else but the portrait of the human quality and spirituality of the author. Music without words is the most similar to Abstract Painting.